Lifelabs Appointment Online Booking

When you receive the LifeLabs test request form from your physician, you should check the website for the LifeLabs location nearest you and book an appointment online for that lab location. Booking an appointment online is not required but it is highly recommended. Remember to book your same-day appointment at least two hours in advance.

The Lifelabs appointment system is a convenient way for patients to book appointments without the need to call or visit the clinic. This is particularly useful for patients with busy schedules who find it difficult to make appointments during regular business hours. With online booking, patients can make appointments at any time and from any location, as long as they have an internet connection. This makes it easier to schedule appointments around work, school, or other commitments. How to make an online appointment with LifeLabs?

1. Go to, click on the blue button "Book a Lab Visit "  in the top menu.

2. On the Next page, select a province, then click "Book an Appointment".

3. Use the search bar to find your preferred location. You will need to enter your Address, City or Postcode.

4. Click Book Appointment on you chosen location, then click Next after reading appointment instructions.

5. Then choose a date and time that works for you.

6.Then follow the onscreen instructions to complete the appointment scheduling process.

7. In the end, review your information and click Create Appointment.

If you prefer the way of appointment by phone, call LifeLabs phone number 1-877-313-4982.

Also note that you should consult with your physician about the test-related considerations before visiting the LifeLabs location; sometimes, you need to fast before testing. And prepare what you need to bring on that day.

How to cancel or change my LifeLabs appointment ?

If you want to cancel or change your appointment, visit the Manage Appointments page, then you will log in to your MyCareCompass accountIn the dashboard area, click Manage Appointments, then you can cancel or change your appointment.

What should I bring with me to my LifeLabs visit?
You should bring the following information:

  • A test order form from your physician (note: your physician can also submit your lab order electronically).
  • A proof of insurance
  • A driver's license or other photo ID
  • A Valid health card, or others

How to Get my LifeLabs Results Online?

Knowing your lab results can help you and your doctor understand what is best for your health.

MyCareCompass is a free and secure tool that makes it easy to get your test results, schedule appointments, and access insightful information, all in one place. Sign in to your MyCareCompass account, in the dashboard, you can see your new and most recently viewed results. And you can click the View My Results link to see a full list of results. If you don't have a MyCareCompass account, Go register an account now.